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Handling Contested Probate MattersI went to DePaul Law School in the city of Chicago, and I’ve been practicing law since 1974. My first experience as a lawyer was working for Chicago Title and Trust Company. As a result, I was doing real estate title and condominium reviews when the condominium real estate market first started. I then went to work at a law firm doing real estate development for the next five years, and it was at that firm that I started handling probate cases.

This shift to estate law made a lasting impression on me and changed the course of my career. I’ve been on my own for many years now, and today, my practice focuses almost exclusively on probate and contested estates and real estate development. With years of experience as a downtown lawyer and a focus on my neighborhood today, my goal is to make sure that you get the best of both worlds – the best professional service and the best client care.

This commitment to serving people in a considerate and kind manner is even more important when it comes to my work in probate law.  Over the 48 years I’ve been practicing, I’ve encountered all sorts of situations. But no matter who you lose, it’s a very emotional time for people when someone they love dies.

I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to be both a counselor and an attorney. So, I do what I can to provide a calming source of support for my clients and help everyone think through the issues at hand as clearly as possible. As a result, I’ve had a lot of valuable feedback from clients saying that I’ve helped them make it through an exceedingly difficult period.

Every Case Is Different, But The Issues Often Stem From The Same Place…

The toughest issues I help people through usually come up during a contested estate matter. An estate can be contested for so many different reasons. Maybe the eldest child wants to be the administrator, and their siblings don’t want them to be. Or perhaps the person doing the most caregiving feels that they should be the estate’s administrator.

A lot of the time, estates are contested because one of the siblings has overreached, put their name on the accounts, and taken money. When this happens, we strive to get an accountant to review all the transactions and try to put things back into equilibrium.

In more drastic cases, we’ve helped families overcome issues of fraud and incompetence.  For example, if the deceased had Alzheimer’s or another similar condition. If family members think that changes were made to the will that shouldn’t have been, we can check the medical records, check with the doctor, and see if we can make the appropriate case.

No matter what situation you’re facing, whether it’s a simple probate proceeding or a complicated contested estate, our firm is here to help. With years of experience and dedication to every client, you can be confident that your case will be in good hands.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who is thinking about how they want their assets to be divided. My goal is for people to understand that they must prepare… if you don’t, your assets may go to someone you didn’t intend for them to. So, planning and stating your intentions is crucial.

Additionally, this book can help anyone who is dealing with settling an estate. The process can feel daunting, but having an overview of the road ahead will hopefully help you to be less stressed about what’s to come.

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