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Looking for a Probate Litigation Attorney in Chicago, IL

Finding a lawyer can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of needs. Perhaps you are preparing a will and trust and would like legal assistance from an attorney. Or, maybe you need a probate litigation attorney because there were problems proving a will. Maybe you need a general litigation attorney in order to help with a civil case, or are searching for asset protection services to secure your family’s future. No matter what you’re looking for, Attorney Teichner is ready to help. Consider calling today if you live in Chicago, IL or any of the surrounding areas.

Importance of Consulting a Will and Trust Attorney

Both wills and trusts are incredible tools to help pass on assets and ensure your wishes are upheld. Whether you only wish to use one or want to use both in tandem, you may wish to consult with an attorney for assistance. That’s because a will and trust attorney can provide you with several advantages, including:

  • Help Avoiding Legal Complications: While many hope that the probate process goes smoothly, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a will may be contested, or other issues may arise during the probate process. A probate litigation attorney may even be brought in for advice. By hiring an attorney to help you create your will or trust, you can make sure everything is as clear as possible, and potentially help your family avoid such difficult situations.
  • Knowledgeable Advice: Sometimes you may have questions about the best way to go about creating a will or trust. Other times you may simply be uncertain about what document is best for your situation. An attorney can provide advice and help you choose which is best for you.
  • Qualified Legal Assistance: Having support throughout the process can be beneficial. A qualified attorney can not only provide you with advice, but actively help you fill out and file everything, which can help give you peace of mind.

Whether you need a will and trust or a probate litigation attorney, Leon Teichner can help. Consider giving him a call today to get your free consultation.

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We Also Offer Asset Protection Services

Asset protection is used in order to prevent an individual from losing those assets in some way. This can be incredibly beneficial for both individuals and businesses. However, you may find you need assistance. Choose an experienced lawyer to help you with asset protection services; consider working with Leon Teichner today. Attorney Teichner has 45 years of experience working as a probate attorney, litigation attorney, and more. If you live in Chicago, IL or any of the surrounding areas, consider calling today for a free consultation.

Choose a Litigation Attorney You Can Count On

Sometimes, you may find yourself dealing with an unexpected civil case. Perhaps you have a tenant who refuses to move out. Or, perhaps you were injured because of another individual and want justice. Regardless of the reason, a litigation attorney can help you with your case.

Attorney Teichner is an experienced probate and civil litigation attorney who strives to provide all his clients with excellent service. He can aid anyone living in the following areas:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Cook County, IL
  • Arlington Heights, IL
  • Skokie, IL
  • Glenview, IL
  • Schaumburg, IL
  • La Grange, IL

Probate litigation attorney Leon Teichner is proud to provide clients with knowledgeable legal services. Whether you need assistance creating a will or trust, need help with asset protection, or want assistance with a civil litigation case, he is ready to assist you. Consider calling today in order to receive your free consultation.

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Probate Law

Losing a loved one is difficult. The emotional toll can be difficult enough on its own; however, you also have the taxing probate process to contend with.


Wills and Trusts

As you grow older, you may begin thinking about preparing a will or trust. Both are documents that can help ensure that your belongings are given to the correct individuals after your passing.



There may come a time when an individual can no longer take care of themselves. When this happens, you may wish to consider becoming a legal guardian on their behalf.


Residential Real Estate Law

Buying a new home is an exciting time. You are preparing for a new period in your life and are likely anxious to finish the buying process.

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Civil and Commercial Litigation

There are times when you may end up in a legal dispute with another individual. Perhaps you are trying to file medical malpractice claims, and need to find a civil litigation lawyer for assistance.


Commercial Real Estate Law

If you’re planning to buy a commercial property, you would do well to contact a real estate attorney for assistance.

The information contained on this website is presented for informational and marketing purposes only and is not to be understood as legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice respecting your individual needs. Leon J. Teichner & Associates, P.C. looks forward to speaking with you about your particular needs. Please note, however, that the mere act of contacting our firm does not create an attorney-client relationship. As a result, you should never send any confidential information to our office until a Representation Agreement has been signed by both you and Leon J. Teichner & Associates, P.C.

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