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Leon J. Teichner & Associates, P.C.
"I found Mr. Teichner's representation of me to be spot on in his responsiveness, excellence and integrity. I highly recommend him."Tim E.
"I have given Attorney Teichner and his administrative assistant Jennie high marks for their responsiveness, trustworthiness, and his 40 year knowledge base. I am very satisfied with how my case was resolved and I recommend him highly!"Dr. Sue
"Mr. Teichner is my family's attorney who is handling a case involving my mother's estate. He is so reliable at filing motions on time and making court appearances. He provides detailed status updates. He has become a trusted advisor to me and my family not only for probate issues but also for real estate transactions. I highly recommend him because he is ethical and a very caring individual."Jeanette H.
"Mr. Teichner's experience proved of great value in a recent real estate transaction. He was able to work through the complexity, and provided a solution that worked for all involved."A Satisfied Client
"Just wanted to say thanks on behalf of my family, friends, and clients who you have represented over the last 38 years on a myriad of legal issues. You have become family to all of us and we hope you'll never retire! State farm agent john James, palatine, il 60074"John
"My wife and I recently worked with Mr. Teichner when we bought our first house. From the attorney review stage, all the way through closing, Leon was generous with his time and provided great service and counsel to us. He helped us understand the process and walked us through each phase. His rates were fair, and a great value for the quality work and support he provided. He's been in business for decades and is an expert in not only real estate issues, but also probate and family estate planning. Leon Teichner is highly recommended."A Satisfied Client
"We’ve had a wonderful experience working with Leon!! He is very committed to making sure his clients are taken care of and works very fairly and honestly. He has a sharp mind and is very knowledgeable about the field he is in, which is super important for an attorney to have. Leon will go above and beyond to make sure to get the job done!"A Satisfied Client
"I found Mr. Teichner to be very help with my probate case. It was a very difficult time for me and he made the process very painless. He handled all the details and I only had to sign the paperwork. Very professional."Carolyn
"Honest, Thorough, Attentive and Rational"David R.
"Mr. Teichner is thorough with his expertise."June G.
"Thank you, Leon, for the 38 years of great help, service, and sage advice you've given me, my family, and all of my customers in all legal matters. We wouldn't think of ever using anyone else."John J.
"We are Michael's of Palatine Construction and have been in the custom home building & development business for over 30 years and have used Mr. Teichner for commercial and personal real estate matters. We have recommended Leon to our customers and friends and have always received recognition and appreciation for doing so. There are many reasons why he is received so well and one of them being affordable. Mr. Teichner has a remarkable acumen of Illinois law allowing him the timely and accurate review of legal affairs and an excellence in communicating how the case will proceed and the probable outcome. With his steadfast knowledge and experience, he knows when to bale and how to negotiate settlements before they lead to costly and lengthy proceedings, that being said, we have NEVER LOST a case in court with Mr Teichner’s council. Most important to us as a small business, Mr Teichner’s counseling, though out the years, has led us early on, to change our approach in business, as Mr. Teichner has encouraged us to understand our customers’ point of view; currently allowing us the highest customer satisfaction, and as a result, we love what we do. We believe our success in business is attributable to Leon, who we regard as a hard working professional attorney and an excellent man to know."Michael Mc.
"Mr.Teichner helped me and my family. he knows his profession. lucky to have him. one of the best."Lewis B.
"I have been a colleague and worked with Mr. Teichner on various matters over the years. I found Mr. Teichner to be a person of high integrity and an able and caring advocate for his clients."Edward S.
"I've used Leon for 2 transactions and found him to be an exceptional asset, honest and thorough, I'd highly recommend him as an attorney"William W.
“I found Mr. Teichner to be very helpful with my probate case. It was a very difficult time for me and he made the process very painless. He handled all the details and I only had to sign the paperwork. Very professional.” Carolyn
"Leon is the finest negotiator I have ever worked with. He will represent you very well!"Brian K.
"I highly recommend Mr. Teichner for his legal advice and assistance in probate matters. The thing that impressed me first about him was his accessibility. When I called, I didn't have to go through a lower level phone screener. I have been down that road many times and am turned off by it with other firms. He answered his phone himself and was immediately available to intelligently and knowledgeably discuss my case person-to-person. No middleman to cloud things up.. It's a hands-on practice with personalized care. He was a total gentleman in demeanor and thoughtfulness. He went out to my father's bedside and properly obtained all the necessary documents he needed. I worked well with him."Jeffrey G.
"I love Leon, he made me feel like family during this difficult time and he was very informative and patient with dealing and answering questions that arose with me and my family. I highly recommend him for his patience and commitment."Michelle J.
"I highly recommend Mr. Leon Teichner and his legal staff. My family and I have known Mr. Teichner since 2003 and we value his knowledge, experience and his no-nonsense approach to business, straight to the point and very professional. When buying or selling real estate, you need a good attorney, don't look further. He has an open-communication policy with his clients regarding every step of the real estate transaction. I have completed multiple real estate closings with Mr. Teichner in the past 15 years and look forward to many more in the future."Akos S.
"I have been a client of Leon Teichner & Associates for over 7 years. Mr. Teichner has handled numerous legal matters for our company. These include estate planning for myself, as well as corporate real estate negotiations and real estate purchases. I find him to be an excellent lawyer, he is very detailed and will get the job done. He is a very smart lawyer, prompt, and I have been very pleased with all of the services that have been provided for us. I highly recommend Leon Teichner & Associates. He has integrity and knowledge of all legal issues that concern my needs. I will give him five (5) stars, if I could give him 6 stars, I would."A Satisfied Client
"Expect the highest. Leon Teichner lead the way to information that is a benefit to me. My knowledge about Estate Administration; probate, wills, trust, deeds etc. is limited. Leon fully disclosed quality, concise information which helped my peace of mind. He wants his best to be the best for someone else. Leon Teichner’s service was VALUABLE. He Delivers."Phyllis T.
"This guy gets the job done!! Leon is fair, honest, and attentive to the needs of his clients. He deals with each case with the utmost responsibility and all I can say is that I feel blessed to have hired him as our attorney. He is Beyond knowledgeable in his field and will do all he can to make sure to get a positive outcome."GiGi
"Leon has a sharp, analytical mind and a congenial demeanor. He knows how to gather the information that he needs in order to properly evaluate your particular legal problem. Then he provides you with his professional recommendation in a candid and straightforward manner. His integrity is beyond reproach and his warmth makes you feel as if you had just made a new friend."Michael W.
"I would highly recommend Leon Teichner for his legal advise in the area of Estate Planning. Leon helped me update my will and write a power of attorney document for financial matters. He is knowledgeable, professional and very responsive. He is fair, has a sharp analytical mind and is straightforward."Susan G.
"Recently, I was represented in a matter by an attorney who was not representing me in my best interest. During the course of representation, I reached out to Mr. Teichner with my concerns. Not only did he support and validate my concerns but kept in constant communication until my current representation was concluded. I really appreciated his input and his professionalism. I would recommend Mr. Teichner for representation in the future."Cheryl M.
"Attorney Teichner helped me with my probate case he kept me well informed and one of my main concerns was will I be able to afford him. I live on a fixed income and I was able to pay him because he was not expensive. For those people who are worried about price he will allow you to pay him in installments. He made me fill comfortable while explaining step by step each time we went to court, but the most important thing of all I KEPT MY HOME. I’m K. Kidd and Leon was a lifesaver for me. Once again Leon thank you."Really Though
"I highly recommend Mr. Leon Teichner and his legal staff. He handled our case in a professional and timely manner during this difficult time of COVID-19. He is a true professional. My rating is 5+ stars!"Michael T.
“Leon the “guardian angel attorney”. Your presence and firm demeanor are one hitter quitters! Very good and knowledgeable at what you do. I love my attorney! Highly Recommend. Thank You.”Lanece
“I have worked with Leon on many real estate transactions over the past 25 years. He has helped us with residential and commercial transactions and some other non real estate legal issues. He is an excellent negotiator who keeps his eye on the ball and doesn't get emotional. His rates are fair and I recommend him highly.”A Satisfied Client