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As you grow older, you may begin thinking about preparing a will or trust. Both are documents that can help ensure that your belongings are given to the correct individuals after your passing. Without them, your assets—and where they go—will be controlled by the state. When thinking about preparing these documents, you may wish to consider finding a will or trust attorney from a qualified law firm. As such, consider contacting Leon J. Teichner and Associates. Leon Teichner is a will and trust lawyer who has been serving the Arlington Heights, IL area for 45 years. Consider getting in contact today for more information and a free consultation.

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Importance of Consulting a Will Lawyer

Wills and trusts are similar in that they both allow you to specify how your property is distributed. However, there are a couple of key differences between the two. For one, wills can only go into effect after your death, while trusts are effective the moment they’re created. For another, there are certain things—such as the guardianship of a child—which can only be specified with a will. Additionally, wills go through the probate process, while trusts do not. Whether you only use one or use both will depend on your situation, and you may wish to consult a will and trust attorney to determine what’s best for your situation.

That’s not the only reason you may wish to work with a will and trust lawyer, however. While wills and trusts can often be completed on your own, it is often beneficial to contact an attorney for assistance. That’s because a will and trust attorney can make sure that the document is incredibly clear, which can in turn lessen the potential for conflicts. This is especially important for complicated wills. For example, if you want to pass along a family business, the will may be slightly more complicated than normal. A good attorney can make sure that everything is done correctly so that your family won’t face conflict during the probate process. Moreover, they can make sure that you follow all the necessary legal procedures, and answer any questions you may have on the process.

If you’re looking for a qualified attorney from a trust law firm that can help individuals in Arlington Heights, IL, consider calling Leon J. Teichner and Associates. Get in contact today for your free consultation.

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Preparing a strong will or trust is important. So, consider working with a will and trust lawyer like Leon Teichner. Attorney Teichner has been helping individuals create wills and trusts for years. He has experience with everything from will preparation to probate administration. Because of this, he knows what is necessary to make sure that you have a document that will hold up in court. He can aid you in the creation process and provide advice on how best to distribute your assets. So please, consider calling today for your free consultation.

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Will and trust lawyer Leon Teichner is an experienced attorney who dedicates himself to providing his clients with quality service. His goal is to provide you with knowledgeable legal advice and support in order to create a solid document. If you would like to learn more about his services, then consider calling for a free consultation.

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