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Welcome to the Legal Research page. From here you can search on more than 400 legal search engines and tools.

Use the drop-down menu form above to select the name of the engine you want to search. Once selected, the search form for that engine will appear in this frame automatically. The list is sorted alphabetically. We have tried to include searchable resources for every state, including cases, court opinions, codes, statutes, bills and more, whenever possible. Federal resources can generally be found alphabetically. There is a lot more.

If you can't get back to the previous page (from this window) after you do a search by pressing the back button on your browser try to right click in this window/frame (make sure this window/frame is selected by left-clicking on it). You will see a little pop-up menu with one of the items being "Back". By selecting back, you will be taken back only in the bottom window/frame to the previous page(s). This technique has only been tested with Netscape so far.

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