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If a relative has passed away, you may need the services of a probate attorney. Unfortunately, court proceedings aren’t always simple—even if your loved one left a will. You may need representation in court to prove the validity of that will. Or, you may need a lawyer to take inventory of the decedent’s belongings and assets.

A probate lawyer oversees the appraisal of property and pays taxes, claims, and debts. Your attorney will also disburse any remaining property to the deceased’s heirs.

Professional support throughout the tumultuous aftermath of a loved one’s death is invaluable. Turn to Leon J Teichner & Associates, P.C. and you’ll receive all the support you need.

What Is the Purpose of Probate Administration?

After an individual dies, his or her property and assets must be dealt with, whether or not he or she had
a will. Often, the descendants or relatives of the deceased make claims for the assets, in which case the
representative of the deceased must settle the estate or turn the job over to a probate attorney in
Chicago, IL.

The probate process is also essential in cases where the deceased left assets that are valued at over
$100,000. Some assets are not included in calculating this total, such as IRA funds, life insurance payouts,
and remaining 401(k) balances.

Probate administration is a complex process full of legal restrictions. For instance, if any assets
are owned jointly by the deceased and another person, they are not eligible for probate. Hiring
a probate attorney gives you a better chance of settling the deceased’s estate respectfully and

What Can I Expect from Probate Administration in Chicago, IL?

The probate process is most commonly undisputed. However, an heir (or potential heir) may contest the process. Most often, they want to receive a larger share of the property.

In these instances, several arguments may be raised that complicate the legal proceedings. These arguments include the following issues:

  • The decedent did not follow the proper formalities in drafting his or her will
  • The decedent had insufficient mental capacities when drawing up the will
  • The decedent was improperly influenced when drafting the will

At Leon J Teichner & Associates, P.C. we know how to navigate these complicated waters. You might be an heir, a potential heir, or the executor of the decedent’s will. In any case, we can lend the support you need throughout this difficult time.

What Services Should You Expect From a Probate Attorney?

A probate attorney from our firm represents you and your interests, working to ensure the deceased
person’s assets get distributed fairly. We can advise you on the basic rules and procedures in the probate
process and determine how they apply to your situation.  

After evaluating the case, we can work to finalize the probate satisfactorily, which may include steps
such as the following:

  • Inventory and appraise all assets included in the estate.
  • Collect outstanding benefits and debts owed to the decedent.
  • Pay debts owed by the decedent.
  • Settle disputes about the will.
  • Notify heirs of how the assets will be distributed once the estate closes.

Many of these tasks fall to the executor of the person’s estate, but our legal team can minimize the
stress the executor faces while settling the estate. Even heirs and potential heirs can work with a probate

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