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Estate probate might seem straightforward, until a problem arises. When a family member dies, confusion over the will can create serious legal issues.

At Leon J. Teichner & Associates P.C., we don’t just administer probate estates. We also help you solve complicated problems with the estate.

If the language in your family member’s will is vague or if you wish to contest the terms in the will, turn to our experts in contested estates probate. We’ve helped Chicago, IL residents like you since 1974.

Grounds for Contesting a Will

Reasons for contested estates probate include:

  • Incompetency. You believe the testator did not have the proper mental capacity to draft the will.
  • Undue influence. You believe the testator was unfairly influenced by someone else who benefited from the will.
  • Forgery. You believe the signature on the will does not belong to the testator.
  • Fraud. You believe that someone deceived the testator into signing the will, or gave him or her false information which affected how the estate was divided.

If you suspect the will was affected by one of these factors, you have the legal right to challenge the terms of the will. But in order to successfully challenge the will, you need guidance from an experienced lawyer in Chicago, IL.

Why Us?

When you need to contest an estate, Leon J. Teichner & Associates P.C. is the right choice. Leon Teichner has worked for several different law firms, and he has run his own practice for more than 35 years. Leon Teichner and his team are always willing to answer your questions and explain any legal issues.

Since wills are considered legally binding documents, contested estates probate requires substantial evidence. When you meet with us about a contested estates, we’ll gather the evidence and develop a solid case.

Call our Chicago, IL law firm today at (312) 541-2822 for a consultation.